Meet Marceau

A new and completely original superhero.


MARCEAU is a New York City taxi driver who, in order to escape from his less than exciting existence, imagines himself participating in amazing, visual adventures which he relates to a young child whom he picks up for school each day.

He uses every-day, adult language, the goal being to improve the reader’s word recognition and vocabulary. An easy and convenient glossary is included where simple definitions appear just to the right of the new words.

Collaborators in Marceau’s quest to “do good” include the animals, birds and all other living (or not) creatures, the clouds, the sun, the wind and anything else that his fertile mind can imagine.

And it is all in rhyme.

Each book in this lavishly illustrated series contains adventures that are both entertaining and educational—occasionally focusing on worldly concerns, including global warming and rainforests. When each story is over, the reader has learned new words in context.

The good guys always win, the bad guys always lose, and nobody ever gets hurt, not even the bad guys.

He imagines himself in the center of exciting adventures, the success of which usually depend upon Marceau’s coming up with a solution, however far-fetched it may be, to an UNSOLVABLE problem. He shares his exciting adventures in real time, as they are happening, with The Kid in the Backseat, a regular fare that he drives to and from school everyday. Let’s let Marceau tell you in his own words…

Marceau is my name…And this is my tale:
I’ve traveled the seas on the back of a whale

I’ve flown the sky on butterfly wings
And done many other incredible things.     Incredible = amazing
I’ve been with an eagle to visit her nest
I’ve ridden a dolphin high over a crest      Crest = top of a wave
An elephant herd awaits my command
And an eighteen-foot python ate out of my hand.      Python = snake
The clouds have been coaches pulled by the stars
I’ve visited Venus and Pluto and Mars
I’ve cured many ills, I’ve wished away warts
I’m the undisputed champion of physical sports.     Undisputed = agreed

So, Marceau is my name and I’m driving a cab
And my mind does me proud to escape from the drab     Drab = dreary
For the world as I know it is tired and dry
But my mind lets me leap to the heights of the sky.     Heights = top

Now my dear nameless fare whom I pick up each day     Fare = passenger
You’ll hear many new tales as we go on our way
We’ll play many games with the noun and the verb
And the action goes on ’til we pull to the curb.

Like, one day a criminal was robbing a bank
He was using a one-hundred-twenty-ton tank       Ton = 2,000 pounds
The bees I had trained flew in a flurry
The man in the tank got out in a hurry
His hands in the air, his gun never tested
The law came around and that guy was arrested.

And then there’s the time that the church was afire
My butterfly carried me up to the spire       Spire = steeple
I called forth my eagles who blocked out the sun
Their claws carried water, the job was soon done
The people were spared in an orderly way       Orderly = neat
And Marceau, once again, had indeed saved the day.

These stories related are not rare events
They happen quite often and make very good sense
I admit they’re not fact but just how I feel
While driving my cab they appear very real       Appear = seem
My adventures are laden with great joy and sorrow       Laden = filled
If you want to hear more … just tune in tomorrow.